Repository - BRK 2016

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WssTP Brokerage Event 2016 Pictures

Introduction to EU Calls

Panagiotis Balabanis, DH0U, DG RTD Directorate Presentation

István Ritz, Programme Officer Industrial Technologies, DG Research and Innovation Presentation

Davide Amato, DG RTD Directorate F Bioeconomy, Strategy Unit, Work Programme Coordinator Presentation

Vincenzo GENTE, Senior Project Adviser, EASME, Unit B2 - H2020 Environment and Resources Presentation

Project Ideas - Presentations
Problem Owners and System Integrators

Acciona Agua Presentation

Anglian Water Services Ltd. Presentation

Iren Presentation

Suez Presentation

Vitens Presentation

Project Ideas - Presentations
Solution Providers

Agriculture reuse and Aquifer recharge in EU - Xylem Inc. presentation

CANREED - Combination of ANaerobic Waste Water Treatment with an AeratedREedbed in an Energy Efficient Design - Rietland presentation

Climate proofing business parks/industries - TAUW BV presentation

Ecosystem Based Innovative Business Models for Modern Rural Societies - WE&B presentation

Enabling sea water usage for coastal cities - Adelphi presentation

HYDROPTIM concept - ADASA Sistemas presentation

In-situ bioremediation of nitrates for drinking water production - FUNDACIO CTM | EURECAT presentation

Innovative Actuators for empowering pipe-bound supply networks towards smart infrastructures for substantial resource efficiency increases - 3S Antriebe GmbH presentation

Next Generation of water systems in the context of circular economy - LEITAT Technological Center presentation

NoGas: Monitoring and remediation of Noxious Gas in urban Water Systems for better health and wellness in the city - Irstea presentation

Remote Station for Water Contaminants Monitoring and Recovery - INL presentation

Simulation and modelling tool for water efficiency in buildings, disctricts and communities - Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd presentation

Voxflotation - Sansox Oy presentation

Young reserachers for implementing the WssTP vision - OIEAU presentation

Successful Projects Presentations

Aude Glénisson (Project Officer EC DG CONNECT) – “Emerging Topics and Technology Roadmap for ICT and Water Management” presentation

iMETland presentation

POWERSTEP presentation

SmartWater4EU presentation

SubSol presentation

WaterInnEU presentation